What Are The First Steps To Buying A Paradise Valley Home?

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What Are The First Steps To Buying A Paradise Valley AZ Home? with Amy Koch Real Estate

What Do You Want?

Create a detailed wish list of what you want in a Paradise Valley home for sale, which should include number of rooms, bathrooms, number of floors and how much space is needed to accommodate you and your family or future family for the next 5 – 10 years of your life.

Where Should You Be?

Drive around! Every free moment of your day and night should be spent driving different neighborhoods to gauge what you like and don’t like about those areas. What is most important to you in a location? Proximity to certain schools, proximity to shopping, restaurants, medical facilities, retail commercial centers or parks. How close do you really want to live near your mother-in law? Take your time and think about where you want to be and why.

What Can You Afford?

How much can you comfortably afford when you buy a house? Don’t rely on an appreciating market to bail you out debt. Understand your monthly payment limitations and what type of financing you and your family are comfortable with.

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