The Arcadia Lite neighborhood in Phoenix was voted Best Neighborhood in 2014- BEST OF PHOENIX® /// PEOPLE & PLACES /// 2014.

The spacious living, historical charm, and family oriented neighborhood feeling make Arcadia Lite one of the most funky and hip neighborhoods in Phoenix. Arcadia Lite is made up of a diverse mix of residents, eclectic shops, hot spot restaurants and is connected by some of the trendiest neighborhood retail corridors on Indian School, 40th and 44th street.

Arcadia Lite offers its residents large ranch style homes ranging from the mid-$200,000 on the low side and $700,000 on the higher end. Arcadia Lite is well known for its tight knit community and obsession for good coffee and healthy eating spots such as La Grande Orange and Postinos.

The location is very central with great access to the 51, to Downtown Phoenix, the Biltmore area and to Central Phoenix. Contact Amy Koch about Homes For Sale in Arcadia Lite Listings.

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