Canadians Buy Arizona Real Estate

Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona has always attracted Canadians as a holiday getaway and an ideal second home destination. The combination of favorable winter weather, over 200 golf courses, world class shopping, resorts, spas, outdoor activities, Big City sports and arts amenities, fantastic dining and nightlife make the Greater Phoenix area an ideal destination for Canadians. The relatively low median home prices, low cost of living, historically low interest rates, and low property taxes create an ideal and affordable solution for Canadians looking to escape the winter weather.

“Amy has many years of experience in guiding Canadians through experience of purchasing and managing vacation homes and investment properties in Arizona”

Amy has an extensive track record specializing in Canadian’s Arizona real estate transactions.

Amy Koch is originally from Ontario, grew up in Vancouver and lived in Calgary, Alberta. She has worked with many hundreds of Canadians from across the country and has extensive experience helping Canadians identify and acquire second homes and investment properties throughout the Valley of the Sun. Amy can help Canadian Arizona home buyers with every step of the real estate purchase process and is excited for the opportunity to help in one’s quest for the perfect Arizona real estate asset.

Amy understands fellow Canadian’s needs when buying homes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Surprise and other Greater Phoenix markets. As a Canadian Amy understands the many challenges Canadians face when purchasing that second home or investment property in the Greater Phoenix area. Her full-service approach provides Canadians with a best in class professional team of licensed realtors, title agents, inspectors, appraisers, property managers and financing specialists that will eliminate any surprises when buying property in the US.

Amy’s Support for Real Estate Investment in Arizona By Canadians

  • Researching and identifying the ideal Arizona Real Estate investment
  • Opinion of Value Reports for Canadian Sellers
  • Introducing Canadians to a team of transactional specialists
  • Introducing Canadians to cross-border tax and financial planning specialists
  • Property Management for investment rental homes in Arizona
  • Home maintenance and home watch services
  • Home maintenance and home watch services
  • Most Importantly …access to tickets for any NHL Hockey game versus the Coyotes

“Amy Koch looks forward to helping Canadians from Vancouver to Toronto with their Greater Phoenix Real Estate needs!”

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